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A lifetime of joy and happiness begins with natural elements

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Our story began in 1972, as a young immigrant family from Taiwan coming
to the United States, chasing the American Dream. I worked as a nurse
for a couple of years, while my husband John, imported a wide variety
of gift items and sold them door-to-door. He sold some of the most
iconic ‘70s items such as the mood and acrylic rings, bamboo curtains,
Rubik’s cube and Kung Fu slippers to name a few. John’s business took
off, and soon I joined him. We formed a wonderful working partnership
that lasted over 40+ years. In 1978, we decided to put roots down and
opened a store on 27th St. and Broadway, New York City, where you can
still find us today. Our kids Shiu-Lin, Lucy and Tony grew up helping
in the family store on the many weekends and during the summers.
Today, the family-style business that my husband and I created
continues with an international team to bring to you the same
care-filled and individual attention. Our business has changed so much
since those days. The internet has opened up an exciting new world.
We believe in bringing the best quality, prices, and services to our
online community. We still have a store, however our designs are made
in the studio by our international design team. All our pieces are
carefully handmade, packaged, and shipped from our studio and store at
27th. Street and Broadway. Though John has since passed away, we carry
on our American dream in his memory and to bring the joy of a small
business experience to our family.

If you are in NYC, please stop in and see us.
Thank you for your continued support.



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Meet Our Designer

Carole A. Kennedy has been in the fashion industry for over twenty five years. Graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology, she has continued in her love for fashion through the years. She has been exposed to both local and international fashion industries honing her skills to help express the fashion statement of her clients. Having extensive experience in both costume fashion and fine jewelry, Carole Kennedy hopes not only to translate her client’s fashion statements but also her own passion for the art. 

LTC Designs is our branded jewelry collection featuring Carole's elaborate and diverse designs. Each piece is thought out with care and made to order at our studio in NYC. 

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