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1160 JEwelry
1160 Jewelry

We are excited to announce a new collection using European Glass Crystals.

Tailored to the individual, this collection has been created to combine playfulness with sophistication. Created with beautiful European Glass Crystals and precious metals, our items are easy to wear and will make you happy - everyone needs a little sparkle in their lives! We give a modern twist to nostalgic designs that are suitable for any occasion. 

Each piece is exclusively designed by us and hand crafted to detail in our NYC workshop. 

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Our pieces combine the beauty of natural semi-precious gemstones with the sparkle of European Glass Crystals 

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LT13122 (3)
LT13115-1 (2)
LT13121 (3)
LT13125 (4)
LT13123 (2)
LT13125 (5)
LT13114 (2)
LT13113-2 (4)

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LT13121 (3)
LT13113-1 (2)
LT13113-2 (2)
LT13224-2 (2)
LT13115-2 (3)
LT13121 (4)
LT13117 (2)
LT13129 (3)
Carole Kennedy, Designer


            Carole A. Kennedy has been in the fashion industry for over 25 years. Graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), she has continued her love for fashion throughout the years.
            With experience in both fine and fashion jewelry, she was able to design a unique line that combines the wonders of natural semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls with the exquisite sparkle of European Glass Crystals. 
            Having travelled to over 40 countries, she draws inspiration for her designs both internationally and locally. 
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